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Antediluvian definition is - of or relating to the period before the flood described in the Bible. How to use antediluvian in a sentence. Did You Know?.
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Powered by Mnemonic Dictionary. Books We Recommend! Top Searched Words xxix repudiate obsequious abjure abate contrite obdurate recondite esoteric cogent. Definition noun any of the early patriarchs who lived prior to the Noachian deluge Synonyms : antediluvian patriarch. Synonyms : ancient. Synonyms : antediluvial.

Example Sentence antediluvian man. Synonyms : antiquated , archaic. Example Sentence a ramshackle antediluvian tenement antediluvian ideas archaic laws. The Old Testament, the Apocrypha, Josephus, the Gnostic gospels, and a myriad of other sources, all testify to the same. These giants, did indeed have a large impact on the evolution of both the antediluvian and postdiluvian worlds, but before we dig deeper into their legacy in ancient history, let us first quantify just what we mean by giants so as to better understand who these monsters were.

Their size It is this obscure, ancient, antediluvian mysticism that has been reborn in our generation, to a frightful level of hidden authority and power, breathing new life to The Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Let us once more fall back to the Legends of the Craft preserved by the Masonic Brotherhood. As we learned in chapter two, the Seven Sacred Sciences taught to Chapter 6: Enoch And Hermes.

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Thoth was the keeper of the magical arts that made him the Master of the Gods, the one who revealed all knowledge of the Seven Sacred Sciences and religion to humankind. Thoth, too, was regarded to be the deity credited with being the god of wisdom, the inventor of letters and writing. Thoth was transformed into a Chapter 7: Enoch The Evil. Enoch invented writing, according to Mackey, to employ the secretive, sacred symbols, known only to the selected elite, as a vehicle to transmit the sacred truths and Mysteries in a way that was free from discovery by the masses not considered worthy enough to learn about those sacred truths and mysteries.

With hieroglyphs, Enoch recorded all the sciences of the spurious branch into great books, Chapter 8: Royal Bloodlines. Acknowledging the Bible documented distinct genealogies descending from Adam through Cain and Seth, as well as acknowledging the Bible documented an additional race of Nephilim inserted into creation by dark angels, and further opening your thinking to the notion that perhaps Genesis subtly suggests differences in appearance between Cain and Seth are primary principles for discerning: how and why two distinct religious belief systems following two distinct gods emerged.

However, this contrarian hypothesis should not be interpreted as a ploy According to the Craft Legends, one must conclude that all the pantheistic religions grew out of the spurious form of masonry, either from the Chaldeans or the Egyptians. Furthermore, the religious doctrine of all the pantheistic religions is essentially the same. Included in the spurious Masonry honor role, Chapter Enochian Mysricism.

It is the Hermes form of mysticism that is referred to when modern masonry is stated to be rooted in pagan Mysteries that include religious rituals and ceremonies. Those rituals and ceremonies included secret worship that was branded as the Mysteries or mysticism.

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Craft legends demonstrate that Freemasonry believes mysticism was thought to have been invented in Egypt, 10 but this is simple confusion. Hermes first invented the renewed form of mysticism at Babel and then carried it off with Chapter The Great Deluge. It is not difficult to believe Nephilim overreached in viewing themselves as earthly gods, given the great size and strength that these giants must have possessed, pitted against the average size of a man of that time, in addition to their immortal spirits.

Implications of the Tower of Babel

Nephilim were easily capable of dominating life at that time, and every form of cultural structure by force. Ergo, they became the leaders of the ancient world, systematically enslaving the peoples and imposing their wills and ways Archons were referred to in The Hypostasis of the Archons as rulers of unrighteousness, again testifying to those angels as being fallen angels, the celestial Mafia. These unholy rulers called themselves gods, and they impiously lusted to create sons like God. They, of course, are the false gods of polytheism and the false gods the Bible speaks of.

In fact, one ruler in particular, Sacla, called himself the god of the forces of Saboith,24 or Sabaism, the cult of the This, then, elucidates why Jesus visited the imprisoned fallen angels in the Abyss. Jesus went as proof and Judge that humankind, through Jesus, would, indeed, rise to a higher authority than angels.

He bore witness to the impassioned fallen angels that the end had now already been written, even though the fallen angels will be released in the last days to reap havoc upon the earth with the Antichrist and False Prophet. All that is left for the fallen angels You may also be interested in these chapters:.

Chapter The Black Heads. Chapter The Great World Myth. Why are Mediterranean deluge and giant myths not restricted to Mediterranean cultures? Frank Joseph notes the deluge cataclysm was a common heritage throughout the world and throughout humanity— that it is the one great world myth 1 , which without explanation, bizarrely binds us all to one birthright. The Old Testament version is but one of over different and distinct recollections of the same set of events. Chapter Atlantis. In fact, Frank Joseph believes that when the Bible describes Tyre and Babylon in these passages, it is really describing the prosperity and destruction of Atlantis, the sea- born, antediluvian empire.

The First Time was believed to be an age when true wisdom once prevailed. Mythology recorded First Time Egypt was allotted As the Mediterranean legends go, the Atlanteans controlled parts of Egypt, Libya, Europe, Central America, and South America, while the people of the Mediterranean united to repel the Atlantean invaders. The antediluvian world appears to have been populated by three great civilizations, all led by giants. The day six Atlanteans were a race that was red- skinned, while the Aryans Sumerians were white, and the third race of people was black- skinned Mu from the Nile Valley 32 and a During the First Time, another curious group in Egypt was founded; their legacy continued even after the deluge.

This fascinating group was identified as the Followers of Horus the seven fallen angels, the Shebtiu, the Sebetti, the seven sages, who provided illicit heavenly knowledge , who were mythological beings remembered both as the bearers and the preservers of knowledge. Chapter The Epic Of Gilgamesh. Utnapishtim was not the archetypal patriarch of peace as Noah was, selected and entrusted to repopulate the earth in righteousness with his pure Sethite progeny, as the so- called secular scholars would have us believe.

Utnapishtim was the antithesis of this doctrine and of Noah; Utnapishtim was the quintessential Nephilim. He was a tyrannical, evil potentate, just like Gilgamesh.

Longevity and the Written Word

Once more, the Mesopotamian flood narratives were not the source documents for the biblical flood. They were merely parallel legends, recanting Chapter Deucallion, Manu, Seth. The Sapatha Brahmana is the earliest surviving account of an antediluvian character king, a leader of men known as Manu. Manu is remembered as the father of humankind and a member of the surviving brotherhood of the seven sages. Chapter The Rephaites And Amorites. The Ammonites destroyed them. Chapter Sodom And Gomorrah. When we consider that Jude connects sexual perversion of Sodom with sexual perversion of angels and we know that Nephilim were in the Sodom region at that time, the connection becomes firmly cemented with circumstantial evidence.

From the Gnostic perspective, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by the God of the Bible not for their wickedness but because of their wisdom and insights. Chapter The Amalekites. The book of 1 Samuel notes the people identified as Amalekites lived in Shur, or Seir, since the ancient times; translation: before the flood. Ancient times do not refer to the time of Abraham.

Junius - The Antediluvian Fire

Chapter Jethro And Caleb. Pharaoh did not welcome the pre- Exodus advice provided by Jethro about the growing Israelite problem, banning the priest Jethro- Reuel in disgrace to Midia, 26 which was ample motive for Jethro to have helped Moses prepare for his return to Egypt. Chapter Nimrod.

E, when his men overran the Sumerian homeland. According to Josephus, Nimrod was a great leader of the people of Shinar after the flood. Was there was an unexplained, early schism Chapter The Tower At Babel.

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It is likely Nimrod must have been sympathetic to the Nephilim and their followers, when one considers the kind of government Nimrod imposed like that of Gibborim and Nephilim , alongside the mystical, pagan religion of Hermes, which Nimrod further imposed on the people of Shinar. I, therefore, conclude that Nimrod was lamenting over his fallen, idolized demigods and the descendants of Cain, not his own ancestry dating back to Seth.

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The new doctrines included the promises of renewed enlightenment, the He is celebrated as a great Mason, 3 who applied his trade as he pleased. Not only was Nimrod a great Mason, but also he was the Grand Master, 4 the leader of the new cult. Nimrod, in fact, was the first Masonic Grand Master for the postdiluvian world. Chapter Forging The Nation of Destiny. Within the Exodus miracle rest obscure keys to unlocking little- understood Nephilim bloodlines and the mystery of the apparent barbaric slaughter of unsuspecting nations.

The land of milk and honey promised to Moses by God was comprised of hostile Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and the Jebusites, 1 all who were infested with Nephilim. Historians and theologians always seemingly overlook or dismiss the Nephilim presence when they examine this staggering turning point of history.

Further secular historians dismiss the Exodus Chapter The Nephilim Wars. Amorites strategically controlled all the essential mountain roads branching from the spine that ran down the center of the mountain range.


This then positioned the Amorites, who lived west of the Jordan in Samaria Ephraim , known today as Syria, and in northern Judah. Chapter The Holy Covenant. Israel was dictated a very clear and comprehensive set of instructions, bound into the Holy Covenant through Moses, regarding the conquest.

Should Israel have completely fulfilled their obligations to the Covenant, they would have received the full part of the blessings of the Covenant that included full possession of all the lands promised to Abraham, along with unheard- of prosperity.