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Books of Destiny book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. In this facinating book by Paul Keith Davis, you´ll discover supernatural.
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Tag: Paul Keith Davis. WhiteDove Ministries Empowerment for Harvest. Facebook YouTube. Go to the shop Go to the shop. Books of Destiny — Paul Keith Davis. Books of Destiny - Paul Keith Davis quantity. Books of Destiny Secrets of God Revealed Ignite the hope of your divine calling and soar on the wings of destiny!

Here is what some friends say about the book: Paul Keith Davis has been entrusted with precious jewels from the treasury of Heaven, bringing revelation about divine mysteries to the Body of Christ. Additional information. Additional information Weight. The seer not only sees visions but sees secrets— things that are hidden from the natural eyes of others.

When they prophesy, they unlock what is hidden in us. They declare the secrets of God. God reveals His secrets to His prophets who are stewards of revelation and secrets. What the seers see speaks to them prophetically. They see and hear from the Lord when a person comes into their presence. They have x-ray vision; and when someone comes into their presence, they tend to perceive, see, and pick up things in their spirit or spiritual vision regarding that person. What they perceive is supernaturally received.

The prophet speaks more and the seer sees more—this is the only distinction between the two functions of prophet and seer. They exercise full capacity of sight. The prophet had extraordinary sight and vision in seer prophetic realm. Naim Collins is an emerging leader and catalyst with an apostolic heart and prophetic voice. He carries a peculiar anointing in the prophetic, healings and the supernatural. Post Comment. It describes the nature Naim Collins 5 months ago They have the keen vision to see into a matter, evaluate the problem, and see in-depth.

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Books Of Destiny: Secrets Of God Revealed

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