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Productos. The tradition of working the salt pans. There have now been three.
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There, buried in fine sediment, the normal process of decay was halted, leading to their exceptional preservation. Martin Smith, a paleontologist at Durham University who was not involved in the work, said the new site was remarkable for capturing a profoundly important time in evolutionary history in such incredible detail. Allison Daley, a paleontologist at the University of Lausanne, said two species in the fossil haul stood out to her. The first was a kinorhynch, otherwise known as a mud dragon.

Rivers are living, flowing streams of energy

Today, these worm-like creatures grow to a few millimetres long and live in soft mud. But the fossilised mud dragons were up to 4cm long. Another surprise, Daley said, was the sheer number of comb jellies found at the site. These carnivorous marine creatures are one of the most primitive on the tree of life, and studying them could help scientists retrace some of the first steps in animal evolution.

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Strict standards during the extraction process result in a quality product that ensures satisfaction for our distributors and their customers. How might the Brora area have looked million years ago? Introduction The River Brora provides an isolated exposure of Middle Jurassic rock along its banks, approximately one mile inland from the river mouth.

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Accessibility is dependent on the prevailing weather conditions; during periods of sustained wet weather the water depth and flow makes viewing or collecting fossils difficult and potentially dangerous. Please also note that this location has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest SSSI , which means it's illegal to hammer or collect in situ fossils from the river-cliff see details below ; fossil collecting is permitted from the boulders at the river side, down stream of the exposures described. Access to the river is made along a narrow road running along the north side of the river; a small track see above-right leads to the exposure river banks.

Fossil River by Jock Miller

The presence of ammonites and drift wood indicates the sediment was formed within a marine environment, close to the land. The erosive forces of the River Brora have exposed a relatively small stretch of Jurassic rock, rich in fossils, along its northern flank, approximately one mile inland of the river mouth. The photos below show the river follow a period of relatively low precipitation, at which time the water level and flow are sufficiently low to examine the exposures. Due to its SSSI status fossil collecting is not permitted from the exposures themselves see photos above ; however visitors can still observe a number of belemnite guards protruding from the eroded surface.

The best place to collect fossils is down stream of the exposures, from the boulders on the river bank and within the shallows see photos below. A hammer and chisel provide the best opportunity for extracting specimens, many of which are clearly visible on the boulder surfaces. What fossils might you find?

The most common fossils worth retrieving are Belemnite guards and Ammonite shells, although the latter are often poorly preserved. The photos below provide a snapshot of the type of specimens encountered during a typical visit. The ammonites at Brora are poorly preserved, often barely distinguishable from the surrounding matrix above-left or squashed above-right. The Belemnites guards on the other hand are well preserved and can be collected with ease; specimens range from just a few centimetres to over 20cm as shown in the photo below-right. Other common fossils include pieces of wood below-right , which provide evidence that these sediments were deposited in close proximity to the land; in most instances fossils provide enjoyment for the context they add, rather than their collectability!

It's a good idea to spend some time considering the tools and equipment you're likely to require while fossil hunting at the River Brora. Preparation in advance will help ensure your visit is productive and safe. Below are some of the items you should consider carrying with you.

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You can purchase a selection of geological tools and equipment online from UKGE. Hammer : A strong hammer will be required to split prospective rocks. The hammer should be as heavy as can be easily managed without causing strain to the user. For individuals with less physical strength and children in particular we recommend a head weight no more than g. Chisel : A chisel is required in conjunction with a hammer for removing fossils from the rocks.

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In most instances a large chisel should be used for completing the bulk of the work, while a smaller, more precise chisel should be used for finer work. A chisel founded from cold steel is recommended as this metal is especially engineered for hard materials. Safety glasses : While hammering rocks there's a risk of injury from rock splinters unless the necessary eye protection is worn.

Safety glasses ensure any splinters are deflected away from the eyes.