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The life energy is brought to flow.

  • Kundalini Yoga - the holistic "Yoga of Awareness".
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This can lead to greater vigor and more awareness in everyday life and a more conscious and healthy dealing with one self and others. Kundalini Yoga is not dogmatic, but impact-oriented, full of meditative elements and techniques that can be directly integrated into practical, everyday life. Compared to many other types of yoga, Kundalini Yoga is characterized by more simple basic postures.

The Most Powerful ❖ KUNDALINI POWER ✧ 12000 Hz Awaken The Dormant Kundalini Energy ❖ Ultra Awakening

Many exercises and kriyas are easy to perform, yet highly effective. Kundalini Yoga is therefore suitable for people of all ages and physical condition. Its beneficial effect is quickly noticeable.

Lineage and Legacy

Kundalini Yoga can open up an individual way to better health and balance, because it teaches body awareness and mindfulness, while working holistically on all physical systems and leading mind and soul to their natural, original state of inner peace. The effectiveness of Kundalini Yoga as a method for maintaining health and promoting healing is scientifically proven increasingly since the s. In cases of mental stress, mental tension and physical discomfort, Kundalini Yoga is an efficient relaxation and harmonization technique whose primary preventive efficacy is acknowledged and supported by an increasing number of health insurances as a health-promoting action.

In addition to physical effects, Kundalini Yoga develops intuition and awareness, and thus improves the ability of objective judgment. It activates the potential of the right hemisphere of the brain - relaxation, connectivity, intuition - and lays a foundation for harmonious, social interaction with other people.

Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini | Tara Springett

Kundalini Yoga can enhance self-knowledge and lead to the experience of higher consciousness. Trough mantras being integrated in the exercises and meditations, Kundalini Yoga opens the access to spirituality as a meaningfulness experience that can be realized through one's own body, far from any esoteric concepts or religious systems.

Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in , where it became a living experience for many people worldwide. He always described himself as a "water carrier" - a neutral, humble channel for this knowledge. Yogi Bhajan always pointed out that it was not his goal to gather students around himself, but to create independent teachers and to make it possible that everyone can experience their own inner and independent identity through the technology of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga

This sets Yogi Bhajan apart from many other spiritual teachers. Worldwide, about one million people practice and teach Kundalini Yoga - tendency rising! Sikh Dharma, as a spiritual path, in turn has many historical yogic roots. Nevertheless, Kundalini Yoga can be practiced as a complete exercise system at any or without any special basis of faith.

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  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training – Level 1 – Panch Nishan Khalsa.

A dedication to Sikh Dharma is therefore not required. For many years, there are celebrated several Kundalini Yoga festivals around the world, attracting up to 2, visitors.

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They offer a vast variety of workshops, yoga and meditation classes, morning Sadhana, medicinal and therapeutic treatments and other activities, often combined with a special yogic diet, live music, dance, Bazaar with product sales and much more. Yogi Tea has been developed according to Ayurvedic recipes given by Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan strongly recommended the practice of Morning Sadhana - early morning yoga and meditation - to strengthen the body and purify the subconscious.

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Yoga Sets for Beginners. Whatever comes up dont resist it, try to celebrate the connection between your heart and your mind. GO through your emotional blocks by the guidance of the universe and take life as a mirror of your inner creacion. Be sensitive but always concentrate on the purpose of your Action.

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Meditation and prayer will help and guide you just trust in you and life. Spiritual Path. Claudia Pillat, vipassana. SlamJam im Tart, Widmanngasse 16 Villach.