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If judged, I'd be nothing 'till the day that I stopped you. As trite as these things might seem to anyone else. Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment () Bad Astronaut.
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Set to a score by John Adams, the stage was abuzz with vigor and activity. Balletic vocabulary was injected with an innovative athleticism.

Legs extended backwards in stylized running jumps; daring, diving lifts made you catch your breath. Movement emerged out of the wings, suggesting that it was already in process well before it hit the main space. And later in the ballet, those wings would rise, revealing that offstage choreography.

Interspersed throughout the first movement were several featured duets, performed by Maria Kochetkova and Di Lanno. While beautifully danced and filled with the same captivating athletic quality, it was hard to compete with the phenomenal stage energy created by the whole ensemble.. Then The Chairman Dances shifted. For the second part of the work, Millepied layered three duets: one for a man and a woman, one for two men and one for two women.

San Francisco Serenade by Ginger Voight

Costumed in flowing white tunics, arms reached out in searching, legs circled out away from the core. Hands clasped and dancers embraced in kindness and acceptance. While emotive and poignant, this section and part one were totally disconnected, like two separate works. Program 2 had opened with a work danced by twenty women and two men, and concluded with one that had an opposite kind of casting — fifteen men and one woman.

And it was a magnificent treat. Like the start of a race, they took off at full-speed, running to the other side of the stage. Here was the fast ballet.

Bad Astronaut - "San Francisco Serenade" (Live @ Pouzza Fest 2011)

The opening of the piece, created by the New York City Ballet Soloist and Resident Choreographer, was replete with fast footwork, fast legs, fast partnering and fast turns. When the cast moved in unison, there was a joyful community spirit. Important to note that not every sequence and variation in Rodeo was fast, at least not in a literal sense.

A quintet explored the space, coming together in statuesque formations, and supporting each other in lifts and balances. Not all, but many pas de deuxs have a romantic subtext, whether intentional or not. But here Peck has crafted a pas de deux celebrating introductions and the process of getting to know another person. Subtle circles of the body early on led to radiant lifted turns as the pair gained a deeper sense of knowing. And as the pas de deux ended, they took hands and said farewell, happy to have shared this acquainting moment and having grown in friendship.

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