Manual Sufi-Geschichten von Mevlânâ Jelaleddin Rumi - 2: Wir sind drei (German Edition)

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Download Now. Generally known by the Arabic term waqf, the provision of funds, ostensibly out of pious motives, for the foundation and upkeep of major institutions. Countless Sufi residential and related structures and complexes from Morocco to Malaysia have been made possible through the generosity of wealthy patrons of individual Sufi leaders as well as orders. Much of what is known about important historic Sufi foundations is available to us in documents detailing the genesis and stipulations of the endowment.

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  • They provide information about the benefactor and his or her many endowments originated with women express motives, but a great deal more that is essential in reconstructing the history of Sufism. Sometimes these invaluable documents even provide a glimpse into the daily order to be maintained by residents of the foundation.

    Each of the nine positions on the typology is associated symbolically with an animal such as the fox , and the teachers of the Enneagram identify the origins of the associations with Sufi teaching fables. Use of inscriptions and often monumental calligraphy on buildings and various ritual implements and, in general, on material other than paper.

    Techniques vary according to the medium, ranging from low relief carving to engraving to painting, gilding, and glazing, or combinations of these. Sufi interpretations of eschatological themes further introduce distinctive cosmological features and typically add a metaphorical element through. Sufi theorists have generally insisted on the need to recognize the coexistence of both dimensions of religious life, for one presupposes the other. Their overriding concern has been to point out the subtleties of inward experience and as a result their hermeneutical methods have typically emphasized the esoteric.

    This emphasis has, in turn, often been a major target of their critics over the centuries. Common translation of two terms Sufis have used to refer to the kernel of reality or the penultimate state, level, or expression of some condition. Underlying principles governing the specific requirements of Sufi behavior as elaborated by the various orders. Sufis have focused primarily on spiritual development and related psycho-spiritual categories, but they have not lost sight of the ethical implications.

    There is, therefore, an inherently.

    Whirling Dervishes

    Scripture thus becomes the foundational warrant for Sufi analyses of the intricacies of mystical experience. These include, for example, audition, contemplation, dancing, invocation, retreat, as well as a host of lesser daily ascetical and devotional practices. Outward, apparent z. Exegesis of sacred texts must begin, they argue, with an awareness of their exoteric meanings and only then delve into the less obvious, symbolic levels of meaning. Called bast. It is a state that represents a refinement or advanced form of hope. Although its immediate effect might be similar to a form of elation, Sufi teachers caution that one ought not succumb to its appeal, for it can be a detour on the path and a distraction from the ultimate goal.

    Sufi theorists have analyzed in detail countless aspects of experience, pointing out the affective subtleties and refinements of hidden motivation to which the seeker must learn to be attuned. Through their science of hearts, they have identified varying numbers and combinations of states and stations as well as gradations or ranks among the spiritually accomplished, who are by definition those most aware of their inner lives. This requires a lifetime of disciplined sensitivity to the subtlest. A major feature in the symbolism of mystical love poetry. The eye is inherently fascinating and attractive, but more importantly, it is through the eye that the Beloved both reveals and conceals.

    Most of all, Sufi poets long for a favorable arch of the brow, but because the lover is desperate, even a dismissive flick of the eyebrow is preferable to utter inattentiveness from the Beloved. Major metaphor for the Beloved and for the presence of God. Their language is highly symbolic, but still got them into difficulty with religious authorities often enough. Persian religious FAD. L ALLA scholar, poet, and mystic who spent significant years of his life in western Iran and is often identified as the founder of the H.

    He was known for an abiding interest in dream interpretation. He is said to have foretold the circumstances of his coming death and became a martyr to his followers when he was executed in Azerbaijan. A metaphor for the prophet or Friend as lover of God, related to the larger category of bird imagery often employed to speak of the soul of the seeker.

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    Sometimes the falcon plays the role of ecstasy or love itself. Among his more famous pupils was Niz. Austere ascetic of Basra, contemporary and associate of H. He spent the last 16 years of his life traveling in the Middle East and died in Damascus. One of the five pillars of Islamic religious practice known as s.

    All Muslims are enjoined assuming good health and absence of other extenuating circumstances to refrain from food and drink from sunrise to sundown during the 28—30 days of the ninth lunar month, Ramad. Sufis of the different orders have added several variations on the practice to their regimen of spiritual exercises. More extreme practices include extending the prescribed fast to as much as seventy days, or full fasting during the forty-day retreat. Many Sufi groups have paid particular attention to food intake even when not specifically engaged in full-fledged fasting, since they regard hunger as an essential aspect of experience on the spiritual path.

    AMMAD d. Tradition attributes a number of marvels to her,. The anecdotes, part of a genre of hagiographical accounts, suggest that even these two men had to learn from her that their inability to avoid focusing on her feminine attributes—or simply on the fact that she was a woman—betrayed a flaw in their devotion to God. An important aspect of experience, generally paired with hope. As with many other key elements in their psycho-spiritual typologies, Sufi authors further analyzed fear into various subcomponents and varieties.

    In the fire of the burning bush, Moses recognizes a divine manifestation. A facet of spiritual experience featured in various catalogues of stations and states.

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    Torn from its bed of rushes, the reed flute complains longingly of its desire to return to its origin in God. Its sound is not wind, but fire, and one who does not know that fire of longing may as well not exist. A critical concept in Sufi hermeneutics, typically juxtaposed with meaning, much as the exoteric complements the esoteric and outward is the opposite of inward.

    Because of our particular vision of Reality it is not completely accurate to think of this approach as spiritual work, for this work does not separate the spiritual from the psychological, neither does it see these two as separate from the physical everyday life and scientific investigation of the content of perception. However, because we live in a society where the prevailing thought is that of the separated facets of Reality, the closest category recognized in this mentality, to our approach, is that of a spiritual path or exploration.

    Weiterlesen auf www. Diese Schule ist eine Schule, die der inneren Arbeit, der Entdeckung, der Entwicklung und der Erhaltung der menschlichen Essenz Wesenskern gewidmet ist. Now for the first time ever, Almaas is creating with Sounds True an accessible audio introduction to his lifetime of work. More than 7 hours of recording Sounds True, appr.

    These talks are presented by A. Almaas, to the Colorado and California work groups in the early days of the Ridhwan School. English: CD Ridhwan Foundation, appr. In these audios, Hameed Ali explores how the insights of modern psychology can become part of a spiritual psychology, where the nature and qualities of soul, essence, and Being are contrasted with the normal experience of self. Almaas, whose writings brilliantly illustrate the unity of modern depth psychology and traditional spiritual wisdom, is a respected, pioneering teacher.

    This 2 CD set makes available to the public presentations by A. Almaas and E. Gold that were part of a one-day art auction and discussion in Grass Valley , California , October, The first disk is a talk given by A.


    Almaas on the experiential nature of creativity. He takes the audience on a fascinating journey to discover why being creative is so highly revered in our culture. He sees the narcissistic side in the desire to be recognized and appreciated as special and unique, but he also looks at the deeper longing to feel connected to the outflow of dynamic creative arising. This arising is the ultimate nature of everything emerging from the selfless source — the Absolute. From this, Almaas finds that creativity is truly a combination of generosity and service when it connects us to our deepest nature.

    The second disk is primarily a question and answer process between Almaas, Gold and the audience on various topics including artistic passion, creative discipline and the essential artistic experience. Since our everyday experience expresses the qualities of our true nature, the precise understanding of this relationship can function as a bridge to awakening and realization. Working with the relation of true nature to ego manifestations, we can use these manifestations as portals to the timeless truths of our true nature. Spirituality and Psychoanalysis documents an all-day conference exploring the meeting ground between these two disciplines.

    Later, there is discussion between members of the panel and then questions from audience members to the panel.

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    This is an unusual and fascinating context to experience Almaas in dialog with psychoanalytic practitioners — something he has been interested in since he wrote his Diamond Mind books, such as The Pearl Beyond Price and The Point of Existence. Almaas untersucht die neun verschiedenen Prozesse, durch die wir den Kontakt zum Sein — und damit die Perspektive unserer Heiligen Idee — verlieren.

    Facets of Unity presents the Enneagram of Holy Ideas as a unique view of reality offering valuable insight to those on the spiritual path. Here we are not directed toward the psychological types but the higher spiritual realities they reflect. Understanding this core brings each of the Holy Ideas within reach, so its The Spiritual Dimension of the spiritual perspective can serve as a key Enneagram, Sandra Maitri for unlocking the fixation and freeing us Here is one of the from its limitations.

    Among Facetten der Einheit the most knowledgeA. Almaas able teachers of the enneagram in AmeEine anspruchsvolle, spirituell in die rica, Sandra Maitri shows how the enneTiefe gehende Un- agram not only reveals our personalities, tersuchung der neun but illuminates a basic essence within verschiedenen Pro- each of us. Sandra Maitri elucidates the most intractable pitfalls of our psyches and shows how our understanding of them can lead us to our highest virtues. The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues Using the spiritual psychology of the enneagram, Sandra Maitri highlights two core aspects of human consciousness: the passions and the virtues.